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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Super Hero Jet Pack

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Super Hero Jet Pack

I am doing this one again. My youngest grandson, Luke, is into super heroes. You take two 2 liter soda bottles and spray them first with the primer and then with the gray. The brand my husband used is pictured and is supposed to be good for plastic. It has worked for both of my "jet packs" so far. I just went to Google images and typed in "flammable" and came up with all kinds of signs that I could use to mark my bottles. I also went to Google images and typed in "flames" and came up with a template for the flames coming out of the bottom. The flames are made of red, yellow and orange felt. You can buy just squares of felt at Jo-Ann's or Handcock's for about .50 cents a piece. I had a total of 6 squares, two of each color. If you look close at the bottom picture you can see, I glued the bottles to a piece of cardboard I cut from a box and made straps to wear over his shoulders. This was Halloween 2013. I'm in the process of making Luke a Captain America sweatshirt and I am debating whether to put velcro on the back of the sweatshirt and just attach the "tanks" that way. I am not going to complete this project until I get to Germany where my grandson lives with my daughter and her Air Force husband. Sadly, in this day and age, I am concerned about traveling with something that looks flammable and going through security. In pieces, it looks harmless. 

Thank you for letting me share.