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Thursday, April 28, 2016

DIY Wedding Invitations

Quote of the Day:

A grandparent is a gift from above one to cherish, one to love

 Author: unknown

This first wedding invitation is from my daughter's wedding. They are about to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. The red paper is a nice paper with a pattern on it that we purchased at Michael's Craft Store. The white paper is card stock paper also purchased at Michael's. The writing on the invitation was done on the computer and printed. My decorative scissors from my scrap-booking tools was used to cut the edge around the white. The ribbon was my daughter's choice and just attached to the top. We made the envelopes from the red paper to match the invitation.

This next invitation I received from nephew for his up coming wedding in May. I thought this was a very pretty wedding invitation as well. They have used card stock paper and just added a piece of lace around the brown paper. The wording was printed from a printer. The envelope and RSVP envelop were made from the brown card stock paper. 

Both of these invitations were so easy to make.  All you have to have  is a good idea.
Thank you for letting me share.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Paw Prints

Quote of the Day:

a grandparent has the wisdom of long experience and the love of an understanding heart.

 Author: unknown

This is such a clever idea. You just take you dog's paw print and then add your own drawing to make it a beautiful picture.

I found this idea on Facebook. I do have several paw print items in remembrance of dogs that I have lost to death. This is another idea that you could use. The page on Facebook is called Tears 4 Tails. If you are interested in fur children, you may consider going to this page and liking it. 

Thanks for letting me share. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Do You Speak English?

Quote of the Day:

Always and Forever is a Grandmothers love

 Author: Kathy

Sunset in Zadar Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park  in Croatia

The World's Smallest Cathedral in Croatia

My sister and I recently returned from visiting my daughter and her family in Germany. It was their spring break and we went over and traveled to Croatia with them. As we were getting ready to deplane in Norfolk, Va., I overheard a woman complaining about trying to find people that spoke English in whatever country she visited. 

This is a lesson that my daughter taught me and a good one to remember. You ask someone if they speak English they will tell you a little and hold up the fingers that indicate little. Here's the lesson: Emily says that people in other countries appreciate if you make an attempt at their language. So when we landed in Croatia, I asked for the Croatian word for Thank You and Your Welcome. You don't have to become fluent. You just have to try some simple words. 

Fala is the shortened version of the word for Thank You in Croatian. Not a hard word to remember. When we went to the 

Plitvice Lakes National Park, I tried the word for You're Welcome and butchered it. The English speaking couple behind me in line at the cashier got in on the humor of my poor ability to pronounce the word. But in all the fun, the cashier's English kept "improving". She appreciated my attempt. That is not the only place that this improvement in their English has ever occurred. 

Of course, there are some that truly only speak a little English as they say. But making the attempt to know a few words when you go to a strange country goes a long way to making your trip less difficult with language barriers.

Thank you for letting me share. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016


I am traveling until April 18th. I'll be going with my sister to visit my daughter in Germany. We are going to have so much fun. I'll share when I get home. Enjoy the spring.