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Friday, August 26, 2016

Storing those Patterns

Quote of the Day:

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 Author: Unknown  

I have all my patterns in rubber maid plastic shoe boxes. I don't have room for another shoe box. So I found this idea on Pinterest.

The above picture is everything you will need. 

After you have removed the pattern material itself from the package and set it out of the way, start by cutting down the long side of the package.

Next cut down the bottom edge of the packaging. 

Next you lay the packaging out flat on the file folder and tape each side to the folder.

I then documented the name of the company and the pattern number at the top of the file folder. 

Then all you do is put the pattern itself in the file folder. 

Not all of the packaging was the same size. McCall's is a little larger than Simplicity. So I put the picture on the front and the side with needs on the lower side. 

I created folders for approximately 15 patterns and then filed them in a milk crate in numerical order. 

This will be my new standard for storing patterns. So much easier and such easy access to them.
Thank you for letting me share.